About Gozo


Gozo - the sister island of Malta

Gozo, a sister island of Malta, is just a few kilometres away from Malta and can easily be reached by a 20 minute ferry trip.
In spite of being so close to Malta,this island provides a complete different atmosphere. Due to its soil characteristics the island is much greener than Malta. It is marked to a great extent by loam lying under the upper and lower limestone layer which offers good conditions for all kind of plants.Especially in the valleys and on the cliffs one finds a hugenumber of wildflowers, grass and herbs.Gozo is a small island of 67 sq km. The medieval lanes of the capital Victoria and its Citadel send us back to old times. Gozo is known for its indescribably beautiful scenery and small wunders such as the "Azure Window"the "Blue Hole" and the salt pans and the "Yellow rock" nearby. (rock formations).The charming colour contrast of the blues of the sea and the warm yellows of the stones and rocks gives alot of inspiration to the artists on Gozo.

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