Accommodation & airport transfer and Extra Services

I am more than happy to help you to find an accommodation and I can recommend you accommodation in different price classes near my studio.

Course accommodation in Gozo is subject of choice and availability:
Upper standard: breakfast buffet with pool: individuals € 70 per night with breakfast double room € 120 

Medium standard: breakfast buffet with pool. around € 70 

Accommodation without breakfast and without pool: around € 45 

Course Accommodation in Malta: BY THE SEA Individuals € 50 per night with breakfast / double room € 85 per night


Variation A: There is a public bus X1 from the airport to the ferry terminal. The bus costs  €2 and takes approx. 1hour and 20 min 

Variation B: I can order a Taxi for you, wich is slightly cheaper than from the airport and costs €30 one way  (at night there is an extra charge of  €5 ) it takes approx  45 min to the Ferry terminal

From there you take the ferry which takes  20min to Gozo. 

The ferry you pay on the way back and it costs €4.65 per person

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