B8 breaking blokages 



Course fee single booking €584.75 exc VAT/€690 inc VAT

Course fee booking of 2-3 person €533.90 exc Vat/€630 inc VAT

Course fee booking of 4 person  €542.37exc Vat/ €590 inc VAT

Course fee includes:  Pick up and drop off from and to accommodation in Gozo, light lunch, coffee or tea and all necessary material, 2 firings, 3 treatments with singing bowls and 1 healing therapy session

Additional services: 

Airport transfer 2 way including Ferry: 

€95(1person)/€50p.p(2 person)/€35p.p(3person)/€30p.p.(4person)

Accommodation for single bookings

Variantion A: 7 nights in a B&B with breakfast with higher standard: €486 netto/€520 brutto
Variantion B: 7 nights self catering  apartment:€299 netto/€320 brutto

Accommodation for double room per person: 

Variantion A: 7 nights in a B&B with breakfast with higher standard: : €467.30 netto/€500 brutto
VariantionB:  7 nights self catering  apartment:€280.40 netto/€300 brutto

different kind od massagses:  from €45 

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